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What is Naku?The Story So FarMeet the CharactersImages and ArtThoughts from LunaLinks to Other Sites   Welcome to Naku Habitation! Soon this site will feature lots of stuff about Milo the Kangaroo, Napoleon the Fox, Sri the Kittycat, Lance the Dragon, Phineas the Bluebird, and Corinne the Raccoon.

Upload status: Okay, everything should be up and running! :) Any time this page is updated, the little icon at the bottom of the Sanctuary should flash UPDATED. Updates most likely will be of new art, which won't be posted on my other site, so keep your eyes peeled! Send me any art of these characters you want posted.

Last updated Sunday, November 5, 2000 9:59 AM

  This forest image is ©Corel Gallery
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